Mike Sullivan Race School @ PR - Sept 2nd, 2010
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Thread: Mike Sullivan Race School @ PR - Sept 2nd, 2010

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    Mike Sullivan Race School @ PR - Sept 2nd, 2010

    Thinking of going to the Sullivan Race School on Sept 2nd. Has anyone completed Mike Sullivan Race School that would like to comment?

    Is anyone else planning to go?

    They have a special of $279 for all school levels and track days for $149!

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    I did the school a few years ago. It was fine and overall a good experience.. but as with most schools i've done I was left with the feeling I didn't get enough one on one instruction. I had Lash as my instructor. He was a good dude and an interesting character.. When I finally got some instruction from him at the end of the day he pushed me pretty hard.. like off into the run-off at the bottom of the hill entering turn three
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    Jayson (lowlife) and I took it a couple of years ago. Jay and I were in the group with Sully himself. It wasn't so much of a "let's improve your riding course" and was more like a "let's show you how to be fast at PR course". For the price, it was okay, but the Star Motorcycle school with Jason Pridmore taught so much more! I learned the fast lines at PR, but I learned to be smoother and faster at Star.
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    I just did it, not bad. Didn't feel like I had enough 1 on 1 either. It was more directed to being fast at PR, not overall riding.

    That being said, my riding did improve a lot.

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