Spark Plug Misfire
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Thread: Spark Plug Misfire

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    Spark Plug Misfire

    During the life of a typical spark plug, the plug sparks millions, if not 10's of millions of times, right? Chances are, during it's lifetime, since it is a man-made, imperfect part, odds are it will mis-fire from time to time. I've had my bike for 2 seasons and put on about 6000k (I know SB rider; I just live close to where I commute to). Yesterday it misfired while I was making the left hand sweeper on the North end of Cambie St bridge. Luckily I wasn't going in hot like I sometimes like to do. Heard a click and the engine stutter slighty from the missed ignition sequence but came back to life instantly. However, it screwed up the feel and the turn felt awkward as I pulled in the clutch and coasted through the sweeper in neutral. I'm on a twin so I guess a missed spark is more obviously felt than on a 4-cylinder. So twins weigh in please.

    Question: How often, does this happen to you?

    If you have experienced this, how does it feel? I heard a click, a momentary pause in normal engine operation, then back to normal.

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    I probably don't know what I'm talking about (not that it's stopped me before), but I think that if a spark plug is going to be faulty, it probably wouldn't fire at all.
    After all, aren't spark plugs (at least name brand ones) pretty foolproof by now?
    Perhaps the cause of this occasional misfire lies elsewhere than the plug itself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    Question: How often, does this happen to you?

    Borgnine makes a good point.

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    by the way you describe hearing a click and then your engine died for a bit I think you have more problems than a fouled/misfiring plug. What that might be I cant begin to speculate, but a misfiring plug should not stall your engine it would run rough and since you're on a twin, then yes it would be noticeable, somewhat like riding a single cylinder tractor. I'm quite certain you need to look elsewhere.
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    Ocam's razor

    How much fuel was in your tank?

    You usually have to be pretty close to running out, but a directional change can momentarily cause you to loose power. I've had loads of problems with my bike missing and usually it wasn't the plugs.

    The easiest way to make sure is toss some new plugs in. Then you know. But 6000k seems very early for a normal plug to be "worn out"

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    On my SV1K in the city when it's hot, occasionally I'll get a minor "backfire" through the airbox. It's a bit of a cough and a bit of a stumble.. It seems to be usually caused by first gear on/off throttle inputs. It's never really given me any cause for concern, I've had the same thing occur on other bikes..
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