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    North Island Roads

    I am going over to the Island tomorrow and was going to maybe ride up around Port Hardy on Saturday anyone got any suggestions for some good roads to check out?
    I was looking at google maps and the road to Port Alice looks like it might be ok but I have no idea what else is good up that way.
    Last time I was up that way I had to hitch hike to winter harbor and it was all gravel roads.
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    Boring.....why don't you come south to the good roads???

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    I haven't ridden these myself yet, but from Destination Highways:

    DH4 = Campbell River to Gold River
    DH8 = Hwy 19 junction to Mt Washington (near Courtenay)
    DH12 = Hwy 19 junction to Port Alice
    DH55 = Campbell River to Port Hardy

    Ever been to the DH website? They've got video clips that give you a bit of an idea. Here's the link for the Gold River page....

    Sorry I can't give you any first hand reports... maybe next season for me.

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    Unless you have another reason to go to Hardy, there really isn't any road riding up there worth making the trip for. The Alice road is about it! The old road from the Hardy airport into town was great 35 years ago but that was then and this is now! The road to Coal Harbour is (was?) ok to.

    If good sportbike roads are the agenda; definitely do the Gold River Hwy, one of my favorites as well as the Mt Washington road out of Courtenay. Of course, the only way to get to any of it is by the old island highway that now starts Nortward from downtown Parksville....which means of course; a rip to Port Alberni!

    PeeWee`s right though; assuming no traffic (rare now) the south island has a seemingly endless number of truly stunning rides.

    If you ask PeeWee I`m sure he`d give you a tour but you better do it today! I believe he`s doing the Duff this weekend and as he`s partial to waving at Winnebago`s while negotiating potholes; he may be in a cast next week!
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    Hi Port Alice road is sweet fresh pavement last summer, Had my gixxer on it before the linez went on. YUMMY road 30Km and good views.Coal Harbour Rd is my Fun Commute with LOTZ of AIR to be hadYup FUN took my Bros Blowen C6 for a Rip on it and Had him Climbing the Passenger seat GoodTimez , Can't wait to do the stuff down south soundz sweet.

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    Shame ya don't got a dual sport.

    Some wicked riding to be had in the back roads leading to Georgie, Kains and even Nimpkish lakes.

    Those are all logging roads/ect tho so I'd really avoid them on a ZX-12R.

    Some damn nice views too!

    For the other dual sporters over there, real fun to screw around on Malcolm Island as well, go in behind the garbage dump up the trail on the right to the old air strip. Completely abandoned and wide open, had my jeep thrashing around up there.

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