Return of the Commodore 64
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Thread: Return of the Commodore 64

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    Quote Originally Posted by bottomfeeder View Post
    Big shitty balls of shit, that's a bastard coated bastard with bastard filling

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    sigh. I remember the commodore 64. I rather wish I couldn't.
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    HAHA thats the first computer I owned and paid for with my own money! it seemed pretty cool when I was....12? lol

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    For those in the 'scene' and those who wanna feel nostalgic and get a taste of the music back in the C64 days... :

    Largest collection of chip tunes in the world based off the C64 sound chip (30k entries):
    High Voltage SID Collection

    Yeah, there's a lot there. But through the years, I've picked out some gems out of a lot of crap. PM me if you want the titles of some of the better ones.


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    none :(
    Get off my lawn you crazy kids! The youth of today with all their newfangled gizmos...I remember when the Vic 20 was the biggest thing going.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GSXRKK6 View Post
    Get off my lawn you crazy kids! The youth of today with all their newfangled gizmos...I remember when the Vic 20 was the biggest thing going.
    My first computer!!! Well...actually I guess it was my brothers first computer lol...but first computer I ever used!!

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    Emulators are the shiznit. I can play all of the old games I used to back in the day.

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    too old.

    i just downloaded F117 2.0. Trying to learn how to land the blasted thing.
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