Fishing line incident on highway
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Thread: Fishing line incident on highway

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    Fishing line incident on highway

    about a month back I was westbound on the Hope Princeton when a sloppy looking Harley in front of me dropped a roll of fishing line.

    I watched it unravel 50 or 60 feet before it nailed me in the left shin and got a little wound up in my rear wheel. Pulled over and did the best I could to get it all out. Since then no problems.

    Yesterday on a trip over the Salmo-Creston (another great highway for wheel issues) I noticed my wheel was not spinning freely. I stopped and could hardly push it on the flat. When I checked the wheel I found some line hanging out. Managed to full another foot or 2 of line out. It became a bit less resistant. I began to slowly ride again and resistance got worse.

    As I began to pull over again I heard a break/snap and the wheel is now spinning freely again. My questions:
    1) Who the hell drops fishing line?
    2) should I be concerned about some catastrophic bearing failure etc from the stress?

    Thanks for any help

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    My what?
    I would remove the rear wheel right away and inspect everything. I would also take the time to remove ANYTHING that is stuck in your wheel/sprocket/bearing/axle area!
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    Working with bearings on a daily basis I can tell you that things such as bags, wire, FISHING LINES, etc can and will make their way past the seals and destroy your bearings if left unchecked. Get that wheel off and do a good inspection to make sure it still spins freely, then get your ass on that bike and ride it

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    Not just who dropps fishing line, but who carries that stuff on the bike anyways.

    Sounds like he was a douche and did it on purpose.
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    Heard a horrific story about a bungie strap getting caught up in a fellow's back wheel. It did not break and eventually seized the wheel causing a crash.

    Well ...

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