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    Insurance rates

    Anyone found private insurance better than ICBC for comprehensive and collision. Can't seem to bring myself to give it to ICBC right now and would like another option.

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    Do a search for Megson Fitzpatrick
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    I insured my 2001 FZ1 last year through Megson Fitzpatrick. For the comprehensive, theft, etc, I saved $400. Deductible is $500.
    Albeit I believe they count your years of saving driving.

    This year, my ICBC broker advised me that I'll continue to save $400 by not going with ICBC...

    Megson Fitzpatrick's number is (250) 595-5212.

    I hope this helps.

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    Check out the info here
    Megson Fitzpatrick Thread

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    I just saved $500 for the year using Megson for my R1. The service was great. The only drawback was that my deductible went up to $1000 with Megson, but really, if I did apx $700 damage I'd fix it myself instead of causing my rates to rise.

    I have a perfect driving record, a friend of mine used Megson as well and he had a crash two years ago, his was only $40 more than mine. Screw ICBC!

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    As far as I know, Megson now only has a $1000 deductible for sportsbikes. HOwever if you look into coast capital, they have the option of either $500 or $1000. They were only $100 more than megson but $900 cheaper than ICBC. I think they're site is
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