Low beam and brake light switch not working.
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Thread: Low beam and brake light switch not working.

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    Low beam and brake light switch not working.

    So the low beam and the front brake light switch on my girlfriends 1990 vfr750 just stopped working awhile back. I spent a few hours last night checking wires, fuses, and relays as well as checking for a faulty switch. I can't seem to find the problem, or if they are even connected. anyone have experience with these type of issues?

    My wiring diagram shows seperate relays for hi and low beam, but not in reality. Both hi and low seem to feed into the same relay. I have tried swapping it out and nothing. I have identified all of them and i have the following relays....instrument/ignition, hi/low beam, blinker, and fuel. All seem to be functioning.

    The rear brake light switch works, and it shares the same control wire as the front brake switch, so that is confusing as hell. Im getting to the point where im going to say to hell with it, and rewire/bypass the whole damn harness. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Do they share a common connector behind the headlight? I would pull the connector apart and check for burnt ends. It could be two seperate faults and not related. Did you take the H/L bulb out and test it?

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