So I came into a 2001 Honda 929RR recently and thankfully my mechanic has shaken all the gremlins out of her except one that may require a rather expensive part.

There is a large servo near the bottom of the bike that actuates a baffle in both my exhaust and in my intake that is not receiving signal.

They ran a lot of tests for me and there is nothing wrong with the servo motor and we are getting a FI light and a error code that is pointing to this as our problem.

So after some more tests, it would seem that the ECU may not be functioning correctly and may need to be replaced.

However, buying one from Superdave is a one way ticket that cannot be returned if it is indeed not the problem, so it was recommended that I find another person with the same model and quickly try their computer and see if the servo starts working.

So I was hoping that there is another Fireblade owner out here that would be willing to try his computer in my bike for a moment to see if it fixed the problem before I invest in an a new one.

The only models that will work is either a 2000 or a 2001, the 2002 turns into a 954 I believe.

Thank you all for reading this and if anyone can help, I promise much beer and pizza!