strange sound coming from basement
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Thread: strange sound coming from basement

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    strange sound coming from basement

    I heard a strange sound coming from downstairs, getting all paranoid from watching too many slasher movies I go down to investigate. I smell something burning. ....

    I get to the basement. .....and the furnace is on???? Wtf? ??

    Is that it?

    Summer is over?

    Wasn't it stupid hot just a while ago?
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    I turned the furnace off for the summer. (If you have a pilot light, you'll save about 3% on your gas bill if you turn your gas off during the summer).
    But I've noticed the beast there in recent days. A couple more weeks and we'll be starting it back up I'm sure.
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    you should probably have tied her up better....

    Oh furnace, move along, nothing to see here.

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