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    FS: Blue Honda 1989 CB1 - $2200 *sold*

    *sold to a nice gentleman*

    I'm selling my blue honda CB1 it looks like this:

    This bike has been great! It's imported from the states from the previous owner. I've owned it for about 3 years. There is around 36,000 miles on it, and it runs super smooth (it's a honda!).

    It has a 400cc inline 4 cylinder engine, which means it has a really smooth and easy to learn on power band that really screams if you give it some revs. But it also means it's super cheap to insure and keep running. I think I pay $275 a year for basic ICBC insurance (43% discount).

    More about the bike, it has brand new bridgstone tires on it (probably 50 or so miles on them), newish front and rear sprockets (probably around 3,000 miles on them), new front brakes, and just had a servicing.

    Ok here's the bad news!
    This bike is a "re-build" status. Early august I was rear ended, the damage was minimal, tail lights and a slightly bent subframe (tail). I guess it doesn't take much to "write off" a 20 year old bike. It looked like this just after the accident:


    However, the good news is, the frame was easy to straighten (the bike rode poker straight even before it was repaired), and new blinkies and it passed ICBC inspection no problems, so she's good to go!

    She is a pleasure to ride, and has lots of life left in her.

    I'd say this bike is perfect for someone who wants to either start off with something with a bit more guts than a CBR-125 or Ninja-250, but still wants to keep it cheap, or someone who just doesn't feel the need for a 600+ but still wants some go.

    For myself, it's been my favorite bike I've owned, so much so that I bought a new one to replace it.

    Anyways, I'd like $2200 for it. A great price for a great bike (really!)

    Here's some more pictures from today:

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