Custom built Nitro RC Race car that will do over 60mph is less than 3 seconds. Car is based on a HPI R40 chassis. Two setups possible... high speed and 4wd drift.

OSmax 18TZ engine.
3cc - 2 stroke
2.5hp @ 29,000rpm
Titanium chassis
carbon fiber deck and suspension supports
aluminum upper/lower suspension arms and linkage
aluminum wheel casters
carbon fiber disk brakes
fully adjustable aluminum shocks
aluminum chassis/engine mounts
aluminum transmission and diff cases
High speed Futaba servos

various 1st and 2nd gear options
various sway bars
various suspension springs and valves
3 exhaust options
extra chassis

Starter Box
glow plug igniter
Futaba Radio
Volt Watch
2 sets of foam tires/wheels
2 sets of slick tires/wheels

Also included is another complete HPI R40 kit car with OSMax 12TR engine.

Any 200mm RC car body will fit this setup.

Some body options available here: