anyone interested in the northern gateway project?
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Thread: anyone interested in the northern gateway project?

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    anyone interested in the northern gateway project?

    so i have been following this issue for a little while now

    it appears that enbridge is basically feeding the same old shit to us. i live in fort st john and work in the oil and gas industry and i see daily what the oil companies are doing to the environment. an example of this is right now a single company is pulling 7,000,000 liters of fresh water out of the peace river a day that will be pushed downhole and be retrieved and then pumped down a waste well for disposal in only one area that they are drilling.

    i have mentioned this pipeline project to friends of mine that work in the industry and they dont even know about it so i can imagine a lot of people down in the valley are very unaware.

    it is very true that pipelines rupture, lots, i deal with preventative maintenance (corrosion inhibitor line batches, down hole work etc) and believe me, a lot of companies do the bare minimum, if that, to get by. it is very expensive and cuts down on their bottom line. i know of 5-6 in the fields that i deal with in the last 6 months alone not to mention the others in the last 3 years since ive been here.

    heres a video outlining the possibilities of what could happen (similar to exxon valdez, not quite as bad as BP) but if people don't speak up cambell will most likely go for another quick cheque and move to hawaii so we need to make some voices heard so they know its not wanted.

    heres a video, its 15 minutes but makes a lot of sense (not sure how to embed videos)

    also look at the websites

    im sure there are a host of others as well. would like to hear a discussion on this as well in case theres something i missed?

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    This project has been regularly covered in the media; so much so I am sick of hearing about it. The First Nations and ENGOs are all over it as well. On top of the pipeline itself there is still the issue of allowing supertankers along the coast that has yet to be sorted out. (Again, FNs and ENGOs are opposed.)

    I sure did not help Enbridge's cause when one of their pipelines in Michigan ruptured and spewed oil into a river. (How they could be so STUPID as to "allow" this to happen is beyond me.) It highlighted the points you made about poor maintenance, shortcomings in response and played right into the hands of those opposed to the project.

    Having said all that, I would be very surprised if this project did not proceed; especially, if they get the First Nations onside.
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