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    Columbia House Canada DVD Club

    Anyone here used this / currently a member?

    Looking for some feedback...(I understand the working of these types of clubs since I am currently a C.H. Music Club member and have been on and off in the past)...

    Also, if I do decide to join it's usually better to join from a member since there are better incentives and the catalogue is larger. Ordering from the website for new members looks to be a pin since it doesn't go into enough detail to know if you're getting widescreen or pan-and-scan...

    Post or PM...

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    I'm a my 4 DVDs for 25cents each...but... then shortly after those freakin' bastards kept sending me their director's selection and started charging my credit card for them because I didn't return them in my refunds back, but the whole ordeal was such a hassle..

    Also, you have to buy (I think) 4 DVDs at regular price in the next 2 years...which will probably come out to be $50 each....!!!'s not worth DVDs at Futureshop or A&B'll probably be much cheaper...
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    I don't have a problem responding, and I never authorize them carte blanche on my credit card, so that isn't an issue.

    The current deal for me is 5*(0.49+1.99)*1.07 + (19.95+1.99)*1.07 + (14.95+1.99)*1.07 + 2*(xx.xx+yy.yy)*1.07 to fulfil the agreement. 7 DVD's plus 2 more to buy = 9 total.

    I assumed an average of $29.99 (xx.xx) for the 2 DVDs to fulfil my to buy commitment + the same shipping cost (yy.yy) and gst (*1.07) to get an average price of $13.70 per DVD incl. taxes. This would work out to average $11.97 pre-tax to buy in store, in BC. Would I get Spiderman, LOTR, Blade I&II, etc. for those prices? I doubt it. Even if I paid average $39.99 for my ramaining 2 selections I'd still need to be at average $14.04 pre-tax to buy in store, in BC.

    So...any current members?

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    I have to disagree with QDball.
    I have been a member of this club for quite a few years. At one point about one year ago, I took all my receipts for all the DVDs I'd ordered, totalled up the costs and multiplied it by the number of DVDs and found I paid an average of $27.81 per item including shipping/handling, taxes.
    Also add in the fact it's delivered right to your door and in my opinion, you can't beat it.
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    I have to disagree as well.

    I have been a member for a while. And as long as you set it up correctly, you don't get hassled.

    Make sure you call them after getting your first mailer about Director's Selection and tell them you NEVER want this.

    After you fulfill your committment, CANCEL it. Then do it all over when the beg you to return, roughly 2 weeks later.

    When you are finished for sure, call them and tell them to take you off the mailing list and you are home free.

    Hope that helps.


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    It is illegal in Canada for them to send you CD's every month and charge you later.

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    I'm a member, or I used to be not sure if its still current but yeah they seem like great deals until every month they keep sending you shit and if you dont return it by a certain date (normally the due date is the day AFTER you get the product so yeah mailing it back in time never works) you end up having to pay for it. But hey if you keep on top of it all then I say its a good thing to get yourself into.
    Just make sure that when you are done and want to quit, they let you. I had so much trouble telling them I didnt want anything else.. but then again once you have quit they send you even BETTER deals to get you back. hehe. Gotta love free stuff.

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