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    Unhappy Ubuild bikes.

    Just wanted to ask all the riders out there, if they know much about "Ubuild bikes". At the moment my bike is one of those bikes. I have little to go..All I need is a gauge cluster, head light and some indicators.
    Now the question is, I heard that they do the bike inspection at Carter Honda and at Atlas Motorcycles. Does anyone now how ANAL the inspections are..Cause I was wondering If I have to put on a stock exaust and mirrors..
    I'm dieing to get out and ride with the boys, but this is the last obstical on the list. So tell what you think?

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    You'll certainly need mirrors and stock signals or it won't pass the specs set by the Gov't.

    I don't know about the can but you can borrow my stock can for the day off my Track Toy if you need it. As long as it doesn't interferre with my track sessions. Perhaps we could trade while your bike is being inspected?
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    Yes, mirrors are definitely a necessity. A friend of mine build Harleys, so he has to go through the same thing and if you do not have mirrors then save your time and money. The exhaust does not have to be stock, but you do need a working one that preferrably is not too loud.

    Good luck!

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    So it is a must to get the mirrors and stock turn signals. I have a stock can already thanks, so i guess I would be putting that on.
    And thanks Atom for the sites.
    I knew they would be anal!

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    hey i dont know $hi!e about ubuild, but but but it looks sweet

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    Jamie A
    whats up dave? ive done a little customizing myself, if you need any help just ask, ahahhahahahhahah

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