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    Have any of you had any experience buying from these guys before?

    good? bad?

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    I've ordered from kneedraggers a few times in the past(ordered a slip-on and jacket) and have had great experiences. The only downside is that they ship with UPS which then proceeds to rape you horribly with border fee's. Maybe ask them if they will ship with a different courier or with just usps.

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    I've bought a helmet from Helmet Harbour and recommend them. I had the same problem with UPS, however.

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    i bought sliders from knee draggers, and my shoei rf-900 from helmetharbor
    good experiance with both places

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    I bought my shoei ZII from helmetharbour and was pleasantly surprised. I'm pretty sure they use fedex though so I find motorcycle man's comment interesting. If you are going to have it shipped here (instead of shipping it to Point Roberts and running across to pick it up) I recomend that when they ask you what kind of shipping, choose "Fedex International Express". The reason why is that the shipping and brokerage charges are all inclusive, no extra fees to be suprised about. It was $57.11 (us) to ship my helmet and it took only a few days. That might have been a little more that having it shipped ground, but then you have to worry about arranging brokerage, or having it cleared for you and getting the suprise bill. Personally I like knowing in advance.

    If I were to do it again, I'd ship it to point roberts because helmetharbor has free shipping to US addresses, so what you see on the site is what you pay.

    Oh yeah, and 8.5% duty, and 7% GST when it crosses the border. No PST.

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