A sick joke? Riders charged in Tomizawa's death
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Thread: A sick joke? Riders charged in Tomizawa's death

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    A sick joke? Riders charged in Tomizawa's death

    This has got to be some kind of mistake...


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    Wow, shocker.....should make for record hits on that website today.
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    don'tcha know? - Accidents don't exist anymore.
    Society needs a scapegoat, someone's always at fault.
    Even extreme acts of lone individuals ends in the 'blame game'... be it media, meds, music, or video games....
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    It absolutely seems wrong..
    I know it was reported on Crash.net that the Italian prosecutor was investigating laying charges.. at that time they didn't identify the riders themselves as being the subject of the investigation.
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    Par for the course in Italy.

    Read up on what happened after Ayrton Senna was killed in a single car accident at the San Marino Grand Prix.

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    It's puzzling for sure, but if you dig a bit into the Italian history with
    Penal Code 589 Culpable Homicide, you see there is history with it
    with deaths in F1.. Senna for example.

    There was also a tire that flew off an F1 car killing a trackworker, and they
    were going to charge the driver back then.

    That charge doesn't require you to have any itent to kill or even the
    knowledge that your actions would contribute to death. If something
    you do directly contributes to the death... you can be found guilty.

    I read the punishment is max 5 years in prison, but that in most cases
    the sentence is suspended because the judge believes the party
    had no intention of causing the death.

    Just some info I tried to come up with to try and help explain maybe.
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    wow... that just seems wrong as Jaybo mentioned.

    Not cool at all.

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    I watched the clip of Tomizawa getting hit by both riders many, many times and it is my opinion that there is NOTHING that de Angelis or Redding could have done without ignoring their own safety to avoid contact with Tomizowa. Keep in mind almost all clips you see of the accident are in slow motion. If possible watch it at normal speed for a better perspective.

    I fail to see what they hope to accomplish by charging these men with manslaughter. Getting on a motorcycle and travelling at extremely high speeds is very, very dangerous and could result in serious injury or death whether it is on a track or not. Every one of the men on that track knew the risks and accepted them.

    I would not be surprised if the riders in all the top level European series banded together and refused to race again until this matter is resolved.

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    Do the competitors not sign release waivers in any event?
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    FIM needs to revisit the attitude they have towards red flags. Even when requested, they are very, very reluctant to stop a race. Or a practice for that matter.
    They make the marshals feel like failures if the only solution to a problem is to red flag.
    I work with these FIM officials every year at Laguna and know of times when I have had to plead, literally crying, to have a race stopped.
    That could be why the medical people (never marshals, they are not allowed to touch the rider) took the rider off track immediately. Thoses backboards have no straps, anyone with any first aid training knows that's stupid. Of course the patient will fall off.
    This will have huge ramifications in the racing world.

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    I watched the race and was shocked by the accident, and amazed that there was no red flag. You know they would not have dropped the stretcher with Tomizawa if there was a red flag.

    Amazing the efforts to keep them race going without a red flag.... all in the name of keeping to the TV schedule?

    There are a number of quirks in the Italian judicial system - it will be interesting to see how this all unfolds, but I agree with Deb that this will have far reaching ramifications.

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    That is just wrong to charge the riders. The officials....in Itally perhaps. I saw the paramedics carry Tomizawa off the track and was a little dismayed at how unprofessional they were. When I SAW the one in the back drop Tomizawa, my stomach seized up.

    But the riders....it's a risk they all take going in and they don't want it to happen to anyone, but know it could happen to them. Wouldn't FIM rules and releases account for that?
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    maybe they'll seize his bike on top of it ...

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    The FIA and FIM should suspend all further F1 and MotoGP races in Italy until this foolishness stops -- you want to see how fast this would change!!
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    I watched that race live on tv and i couldnt understand why they would not red flag the race. The FIM has alot to answer for. Making medial teams rush on to the track remove the rider and debis before the next group of riders rounds the bend wtf. The way it should of happened, red flag medical team on the track not moving the rider till medi vac helicoptor or van. IMHO the moto gp and the FIM should get the book thown at them. These are humans (riders) so they should be treated with some level of respect not like road kill.
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