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    Idea for contest

    Didnt know if should put in Sportbike or Open but about little bikes I guess so its here.

    My idea is this. Why doesnt everyone that wants to participate buy one of those little model bikes (like the car ones you put together as a kid). Then we have a contest to see who has the best paint, moded, etc . At the next social gathering everyone bring there little bikes. It would be like a miniture show and shine. Pick a couple of judges. Maybe everyone put in $5 for entry fee and winners get something for there efforts.

    Just an idea. Whos up for it?
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    $5 is a lot for an entry fee!
    What type of criterias would there be for the model? creativity, color scheme, flare, best painting job???
    Sounds like a cute idea...
    I would only want to get a big group to buy kit models so there is a big discount...cuz I've always wanted to build one myself...and the maisto/ hot wheel stuff is NOT it.
    I'm in for the fun, but not for the contest for now.... but please fill me in on where u guys are shopping for stuff..

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    i aint brining a model bike to joeys

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    Hey, I'm up for that. I've even got one sitting around that I haven't put together yet...
    ...don't know if I'll have time to do it any time soon though...
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    I'm in. I'll beat you all.
    But I'm with Jayson in that I won't bring a little model I've built to Joey's. We'd have to pick a different day/place for the judging.
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    I wouldn't mind entering but I'd actually have to finish my Repsol NSR 500 sometime first. That thing's been sitting on my table since the summer and it's only half painted and half assembled. I don't know when I'm gonna find the time to complete it.
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    Anybody in for a karaoke contest?

    Hee hee, I'll be Paula. Any volunteers for Simon?

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