Problems with sightlines--gauges and rear view
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Thread: Problems with sightlines--gauges and rear view

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    Problems with sightlines--gauges and rear view

    I just picked up an '05 Kawasaki ZX6R 636. It's my first bike, so I have a couple of questions that have arisen in my first couple of weeks riding.

    1. Am I supposed to be able to see my gauges while in a normal street riding position? The windscreen blocks the gauges, such that I can only see the gauges through the windscreen glass (which is nearly impossible on sunny days when there is glare), or by craning my neck backward and down (which is cumbersome and dangerous). I'm 5'8", and I'm assuming that my riding posture is okay--crotch close to the tank, knees hugging the tank, elbows down and bent, forearms almost parallel to the ground, back relatively straight, head up. Is there something I'm missing, or is this just the nature of the beast (i.e., sportbikes)?

    2. My mirrors offer me a lousy view of what's directly behind me. No matter how I adjust the mirrors, the best I can do is to get a decent view of what is at my 5 and 7 o'clock positions, but whatever is in my 6 o'clock space is obscured by my elbows. I've resorted to lifting my arms up a bit (a la funky chicken dance) to see what's behind me. Is this also a "normal" thing for sportbikes?

    Thanks for your insight. And sorry for my longwindedness.

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    1: that's pretty much normal - welcome to the wonderful world of sportbike ergonomics - by definition, impractical & uncomfortable!
    I can only assume this is why I see a lot of guys riding around town in full tuck :P

    2: also normal. see #1. the 'chicken wing' is standard operating procedure. carry on.
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    I ended up buying some mirror extenders to get a view of more than my shoulders in the mirrors. They're out there for lots of bikes, google is your friend.

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    forearms almost parallel to the ground
    I may be wrong but for around town and most non agressive hwy riding my arms are somewhere around 45 to the ground. Me thinks your humping the gas tank to much, after dinging your nuts of the tank from pot holes a couple times you will give yourself some room! I just did a trip on a friends 04 636 and did have any problems, and Im taller then you!
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    A cop pulled me over once a while back and told me he was following me for a while with his lights on. He said he thought I was going to run. I simply told him that when I'm in my normal riding position the view behind me through my mirrors is obscured by my arms (I have huge pipes) and that when I need to see what's behind me I pull my elbows inward a la DNAspark99's "chicken wings" procedure.

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    Aftermarket screen? Usually gotta move head or adjust mirrors to see what you want directly behind and sometimes to sides. Unless using mirror extensions can you usually easily see directly behind. But then you will compromise sides. Unless you have those convex mirrors things but then you'll lose distance perception and object identification ease. Recognize the trade offs and adjust, compensate or double check (shoulder) accordingly....

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