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    The Mission

    I finally made it to the track (Mission), and it was a super blast!
    A little wet, but still fun!
    With the new 40 over law, it is a great way of being able to let loose, and not have to worry, plus it is a great place to work on building skill and setting up a new bike.
    I'm playing with the new editing software, so my video is a little rough around the edges.

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    nice vid.

    You are one of the brave one's my friend!

    I decided to back out because of the rain... I'll definitely try it out next year.

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    Nice one man. I sold my street bike because I can't lose my DL, sad to see it go but that's life can't risk it. Bought a konker ksm 200cc for the street/offroad trails then I am going to pick up a track bike for next year. Hope to join you all next time.
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    You learn SO much more by riding in the rain. But you'll never commit when you know that you're riding your street bike. This is why a lot of regular track riders, be they racers or just occasional track day buffs, go for a dedicated track bike which they not worry about dropping.

    The great thing is that it doesn't need to be the latest and greatest. Get some 5 to 10 year old track bike that is sorted out and spend a few bucks getting the suspension set up for your weight and you're golden.

    And virtually everyone that rides track on a regular basis will tell you that suddenly they found themselves toeing the line on the street and not caring that they weren't rippin' around. Ride the track for a while and showing off on the streets just isn't as important because you KNOW where the real deal is.
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