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Thread: Bye bye Bazza

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    Bye bye Bazza

    We’ve lost a great sportsman.
    RIP Cockney rebel

    BAZZA pulls a “Rossi” twenty years earlier

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    Oh man that sucks. I remember following his career all through my teens when I lived in England. One of my favourite races of all time was that epic battle between Roberts and Sheene in the late seventies. Roberts won in the end, but only by a wheel.

    What a shame.
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    Unhappy Just kidding right!

    You're just kidding eh!

    Sheene is gone, past away, it can't be!

    Oh Man, the world has lost a great motorsports legend.

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    That's weird: I was at the Swan today looking at a back issue of T.W.O and there was a big article on Sheene. I was wondering how his battle with cancer was doing. Now I guess I know. He was one of the greats, and a real character.

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