2008 Honda CBR125R - $2200
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Thread: 2008 Honda CBR125R - $2200

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    2008 Honda CBR125R - $2200

    I have a white 2008 Honda CBR125R for sale. This is the best beginner bike there is, but still with a sportbike look and feel. It only has slightly over 32xx kms on it, so you know its only been ridden over the summer as a learning bike. I have never personally dropped the bike, but there are a few scratches on the front, no detriments on the performance. I learned to ride it at the beginning of this summer and haven't regretted it. It is a lot lighter than bigger powered sportbikes so learning to balance will come a lot easier. And why drop and wreck a heavy superbike, when you can learn to ride properly on this beauty?

    Insurance is super cheap, costing me less than $250 for 3 months, which is less than $1000/yr. When you first fill up the bike, you'll laugh. On premium, you're able to fill the entire tank on $7, and being only a 125cc engine, it will sip gas and last for weeks.

    Price is quite firm, but I do need to pay for school soon. I can ride it over to meet you if you're not too far, I am in the Vancouver area near the PNE. $2200 OBO

    OR if for some reason you have a ~600cc sportbike (preferably 2003 or newer) you want to trade, I'll give you cash as well.

    If you're interested, I also have some gear to sell all bought at the beginning of this year, all still like new:

    - Small white Joe Rocket mesh-textile jacket with spine, shoulder and elbow padding, removable waterproof inner lining $200 OBO
    - Large white HJC helmet with mirror and clear visor $100 OBO
    - Large pair of BMW GS riding gloves, very well ventilated and provides good protection $90 OBO

    Buy it all together and I'll cut you a deal

    Call or text me at 604-880-5702
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