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    Motegi Spoiler

    It was great to see Rossi back in true form at Motegi. Reminded me a lot of the Biaggi-Rossi battles.

    Now that's what MotoGP is all about! (albeit a bit stressful to watch!)

    Lorenzo's been schooled and won't be the world champion without a fight, for sure.
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    the moves they pulled on each other were sensational , and how they kept up while banging into each other was unbelievable , wonder what its like in their pits

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    Quote Originally Posted by Squire View Post
    It was great to see Rossi back in true form at Motegi.
    If he were back to true form he would have won the race.

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    Wow, I have not seen that respectful, bullsy racing the whole season. ie Vali and Lorenzo. Old school Vali and Sete. Although, Rossi use to punt Sete off the race line.

    Casey, finally controling the Duc for the second race win.

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    I like the complaints about Rossi being "too aggressive".. It's to be expected from Yamaha and Lorenzo considering the situation.. but it's no suprise to also expect that Rossi wouldn't back down.. that's just the way he is, you could see it just like with Gibernau in Jerez -there was no way he was going to let Lorenzo finish in front of him.
    Without team orders you can forget about anybody playing nice.. and we all enjoyed the show!
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    I loved the show this provided, but given their argument one can't help but think of the Pedrosa torpedo move in 2006, I think it was Estoril where he took out Hayden in the penultimate race and jeopardized his championship chances.

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