Completely winterize your bike yourself with help from a Red seal mechanic with over 20 years experience.

Get your own work bench just like the big boys use.
Access to every tool you can think of
Clean chain , lube, adjust
Pull off body work wash down bike and apply rust protectant after.
Drain oil , coolant , put in all new fluids filter
Clean air filter/ airbox
Pull out spark plugs fog motor
Seal bike up properly to prevent moisture
remove battery
Optional install battery tender $28
plus whatever other concerns you have can be addressed.

After bike is all prepped we can load into truck and take it back to your place because you won't want to run it.

Can only do 2 people at a time possibly 3 . This way you get more attention easier to walk you threw the process. Plus truck only fits 2 or 3 bikes.

Anyone can do it, we have taught many women's , open and off road maintenance courses. CAn work on any bike any brand .


WED Nights : 5pm until roughly 9pm
THURsday : 9am until 1pm . OR 3PM until 8PM

Location : #2170 21000 westminster hwy Richmond at 5thgear

Cost $99 plus all fluids or hard parts (battery tender, sparkplugs, air filter if needed)

easiest contact: or 604 244 7666 or PM