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    XR 650 R Rims

    XR 650 R 17 inch super moto rims that I have left over from the sale of XR need to find a way to get on to my CRF 450 R anyone got any ideas??? They are mint. Should I sell em and buy new ones for the CRF or should I find a way to rig em up to my crf? Looking to tap into a wealth of online BCSB info!!!
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    Well it all boils down to axle size so if the bearings can be changed to the 450 diameter thats one piece of the puzzle , then you need the spacers, and finaly the brake caliper mounts, since the 650 is conventional and the 450 is inverted you will need adapters made.

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    is that rims as in a complete set of wheels? or just the rims themselves?

    if its just rims, you can always buy some used crf hubs and lace them up for cheap...

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