Ur spdng prblms solved
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    Ur spdng prblms solved

    what was being discussed in earlier threads - about perpetually governed vehicles ... :

    Google tests cars that drive themselves
    Nobody spotted the Google car crossing the Golden Gate Bridge Engineers at Google have tested a self-driving car on the streets of California, the company has announced.

    The cars use video cameras mounted on the roof, radar sensors and a laser range finder to "see" other traffic, software engineer Sebastian Thrun said.

    They remain manned at all times by a trained driver ready to take control as well as by a software expert.

    Google hopes the cars can eventually help reduce road traffic and cut the number of accidents.

    In a posting on the company's official blog, Mr Thrun said the self-driven cars had so far covered 140,000 miles on the road.

    They have crossed San Francisco's iconic Golden Gate bridge, negotiated the city's famous sloping streets, driven between Google offices, and made it around Lake Tahoe in one piece.

    'Exciting future'

    Engineers told the New York Times that the forays onto the highways have been largely incident-free, apart from one bump when the car was reportedly hit from behind at a traffic light.

    Google's Street View cars have mapped streets around the world In his Google blog post, Mr Thrun - professor of computer science and electrical engineering at Stanford University - insisted that safety was the "first priority" in the project.

    Routes are pre-planned, mapped first by real drivers, and local police are briefed in advance, he says.

    But he pointed to figures from the World Health Organization which show that more than 1.2 million people are killed each year on the roads, and said that number could and should be reduced.

    "We believe our technology has the potential to cut that number, perhaps by as much as half.

    "While this project is very much in the experimental stage, it provides a glimpse of what transportation might look like in the future thanks to advanced computer science. And that future is very exciting," he added.

    Google has rapidly branched out from its previous core business of search in recent years.

    The company already has significant interests in location services through its Google Maps and Google Street View offerings.

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    can i use my cell if i have one of these?

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    Welcome to the world of iRobot.

    Application wise, I'd say that car rental companies can benefit. For those who take the bus to work and don't really drive/need a car, you can rent a vehicle on demand, and have it drive itself to your door!

    I also read a white paper once that said linked automated vehicles reduce congestion and reduce travel times because a whole line of vehicles can be operated at higher speed, with closer gaps and merges that are perfectly synchronized (due to the reaction time of computers). We'd eliminate sloopy highway merges that causes flowing traffic to slow, the stop and gos on blocked highways and even accidents (to a certain extent I guess).


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    The new issue: willingness to 'hand over control'. A lot of people will throw a fuss, because dammit, "i want the freedom to make costly mistakes"....

    Why not. I'd throw away the drivers seat. A road full of autonomous vehicles would hopefully see increased speed-limits, no accidents, and maybe, just maybe, you'd have the legislative freedom to crack a beer as the thing autopilots you and your friends out in 'DD' mode. But my god, what then will happen to all these traffic cops? out of a job? one can dream!
    "I dread beyond all else the growth of the petty tyranny of restrictive legislation, the transference of disciplinary authority from the judiciary to the constabulary, the abandonment of every constitutional safeguard of individual liberty."

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    They drove 1,000 miles without human intervention and more than 140,000 miles with only occasional human control
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