Well since I'm so far north and there really isn't anyone up here to fix either bike I'm going to offer them up for a rediculously cheap price.

95 ZX6R
it rolls and the motor runs good. front fork is bent, frame is damaged, guessing brakes, rear swingarm, suspension, controls and full exhaust, wheels would be good for someone, no papers
take it for 100bux

92 GSXR1100
needs to be running... front right fork seal, left motor cover, inspection
take it away for 518bux

I am comming back into town for the november 1st, will be leaving that evening to head north unless someone requires me to stay to unload these bikes on the 2nd.

if noone wants em the ninja is going to scrap and the 1100 I will bring back with me.

message me on here or email