Alpinestars Apex Drystar Gloves: Review
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Thread: Alpinestars Apex Drystar Gloves: Review

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    Alpinestars Apex Drystar Gloves: Review

    Comfort 8 out of 10
    Fit 9 out of 10
    Feeling (use of throttle, clutch, brake) 6 out of 10
    Value 10 out of 10
    Cold weather protection 8.5 out of 10
    Water resistance N/A

    These ratings are compared to my Alpinestars GP Proís, where they would be 10 out of 10 for all categories except Cold weather protection and value which I didnít rate because I havenít owned enough ďhigh endĒ gloves or crash tested them to give a real assessment of value. Note, Iím not saying the GP Proís are perfect in every other category however, for the purpose of my review, Iím using them as my benchmark.

    I understand this review was written after only one ride the Drystarís, however Iíve ridden plenty of times in cold weather with non-all weather gloves to immediately notice the difference.


    If you want to read the long extended review continue on.

    Until I bought the Drystar gloves I would wear my GP Proís exclusively. I never noticed any issues unless the temperature got below 10c-ish and only during the night, however Iím only going by memory from this past spring.

    I went for a ride last night at around 12:30am for approx 30 mins with my GP Proís. It was 5c when I left my house. I did mostly city riding with a bit on highway 1. I was riding between 60-80km/hr in the city and up to about 120-130km/hr on the highway.

    Surprisingly, my hands didnít feel excessively cold. I would say they were noticeably uncomfortable, however I didnít have to use the stator and or crank cover to warm my hands during red lights.

    I went for another ride tonight at 1:30am for approximately 45 mins with my Apex Drystar gloves. It was the same temperature as the previous night, 5c. I rode virtually the same route with a little more highway riding. I was riding at the same speeds as the previous ride except I went a little faster for a short burst or two on the highway (150ish km/hr).

    My hands felt warm and comfortable pretty much the whole time. Because of the thicker nature of the gloves, I put both clutch and brake lever 1 click closer, to make the controls easier to operate. Toward the very end of my ride I noticed some minor discomfort with my hands, however I couldnít tell if it was because they were getting cold or the gloves themselves were tiring out my hands because they werenít broken in. When I parked and took my gloves off my fingertips did feel a little cold to the touch. That being said, I could have easily continued riding without concern, if I wanted to.

    If/when I do use these gloves in the rain or if I become aware of any other issues, I will update the review. And I donít sport tour, therefore I couldnít confidently or accurately recommend these gloves for sport touring.

    Over all for the riding I do [daily commuter (I donít have a car), in the rain only when I have to, 9-10 months a year riding, and typically I donít ride further than to Whistler or Harrison and back] I would highly recommend these gloves, even without rain testing, especially for the price.

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    I have these gloves myself, and I love them. I'm not very much impressed with water-resistance, though. Drystar series gear is supposed to be waterproof, and my pants and jacket are... but the gloves are far from being waterproof.

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