So my building is cracking down on bike storage, and since I don't want this in my apartment, it has to go.

Mountain bike. 21 speed or so, changes gears, but not very well, so it's really more like a 9 speed. You can get 1st and 21st easily, everything in between is hit or miss.

I don't know the frame size, but I'm 5'7" and can just hop on, so my height to 6' or so should be okay.

Only one set of brakes, I can't remember if it's the front or the back ones that work, off the top of my head I think it's the back.

It's ugly, it's a piece of shit, but it did a good job carting me around the seawall until I bought my 'real' bike, and hey, it's free.

I live downtown if you want to pick it up.