UFC 121 spoiler cain vs brock
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Thread: UFC 121 spoiler cain vs brock

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    UFC 121 spoiler cain vs brock

    Glad he got his mouth slamed shut! Hated lesner and his BS. I guess too much WWF...

    In the first round Cain wins!
    Round 1. Lesnar immediately shoots. Cain opens up with huge punches from the inside and holds off the shot. Cain charges in with punches and Lesnar takes him down. Cain stands right back up. Lesnar pushes Cain up against the cage. Lesnar briefly gets him down but Cain gets right back up and breaks. Cain opens up Lesnar's face with a punch. Cain then takes Lesnar down and throws punches to the side of the head. Lesnar stands back up. Cain goes for a takedown but Lesnar holds him off. Lesnar moves in for a shot and Cain drops him with a punch. Cain follows with a big knee, punches on the ground and the crowd erupts. Lesnar is in huge trouble. Cain is landing big punches from the top and Lesnar is just holding on. Cain is dropping bombs. Lesnar stands up but he immediately collapses on his own. Cain follows with punches and referee Herb Dean finally steps in. The crowd goes crazy and Cain Velasquez is the new champion.

    Winner: Cain Velasquez, TKO, round 1.
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    I thought it was a premature stoppage at the time, but Lesnar was busted up pretty bad.

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    4 of us on my couch with are Jaws open......wow....what a fight.

    The whole card was pretty good. "Dirty" Sanchez even had a great fight.

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    didnt even watch the fight....thanks for the commentary its like i was there not a fan of lesnar but who is...sure he might have some skills but hes in the ufc to make dana a crap load of money being the bad guy that everyone will watch, to see him loose.

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    that cut on his face was right down to the cheek bone. gross!!!
    I think brock is entertaining. I really didn't think he would lose.

    it's a great moment for the Mexican's! congrats to them and Cain.
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