Gas Wars???
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    Gas Wars???

    Whatever happened to the good old-fashioned gas war?

    When I worked at a gas station in the Kootenays in the late 80's, we had a few good ones. I recall a time when regular was 39.9 cents. The price dropped to 34.9, 29.9, 24.9, 19.9, and finally: 9.9 cents. It stayed that low for a few days. It was hilarious watching people try to fill every imaginable container with gasoline. "No sir, I can't fill your 2 litre pop bottle." "No, I will not fill your dog's water dish."
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    Yeah I remember it in the 20 cent range in the early to mid nineties as well. No chance of that anymore. They found out pretty quick that everyone makes more money if they cooperate.
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    Gas stations were giving out coupons & vouchers. 5 of those $2 vouchers would last me more than 1 week of driving. Now, most of the gas stations might not be independent owners plus there has been some consolidations/mergers at the corporate levels.

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    That was when Arco tried moving into BC. They didn't have a local refinery and was able to ship gas from Washington.
    I think it took almost a year to force them out with the gas war. A lot of small independent places folded and people with diesel vehicles were pretty choked.
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    i was really young in the 90's but i still remember the days where diesel was cheaper then gas. cheapest i have ever bought gas for was 70 cents.

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    i remember this one place in abby dropping it ever 5hrs for an hr. one time it hit 26.9. bout 14yrs ago if I remember correctly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 4wheelsLESS View Post
    Now, most of the gas stations might not be independent owners plus there has been some consolidations/mergers at the corporate levels.
    There is a wide range of ownership scenarios in the gas station business.

    The fuel prices are set at the corporate level, not the retailer... and I think
    it is safe to say there is no motivation to fuel gas price wars.

    Customers are loyal to stations for different reasons, and price of gas
    has absolutely nothing to do with it.
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    They've figured out that no matter how far they jack the prices, people will still pay. And pay, and pay, and pay...
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    i think the gas tax, amongst other things have jacked up the prices for gas. we pay an extra 3.5 cents for being in the vancouver area...extra taxes for being in BC. we pay the most per litre of gas compared to any other place in canada.

    then again, inflation has increased so the gas prices have gone up again.

    but who cares? i filled up with premium gas for 90cents/liter yesterday at point roberts..!

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