Where to buy Candlepower H4?
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Thread: Where to buy Candlepower H4?

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    Where to buy Candlepower H4?

    Anyone know where I can buy Candlepower H4 in Vancouver?


    I would like to try them on my bike.
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    I hate these reviews. The bulb is only a very small part of the equasion. The refector is key to everything. Spread, throw, candlepower, all of these things are more affected by the reflector than the bulb. ANY review of a bulb on a bike different than yours should not be used for comparison.
    The one thing that a bulb can effect more than the reflector is colour.

    If you really care about illumination, add more lights. Don't fiddle with bulb selection.
    If you just want a riced-out blue beam I can sell you the gell to change it to any colour you want. At least then you can go back without throwing away that 20$ bulb.


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    Pretty much what he said

    Reflector is number 1, but I have found that the bulb does a make a difference, but it is also subject to the electrical system in your bike.
    - my bike had very thin wiring going to the headlight, and its routing also took it through the handlebar headlight switch... less than ideal routing to supply the juice needed by an up'ed wattage bulb. Ive used up to 130watt bulbs that appeared to give no more than the stock 60watt... Partly due to relfector size/design, but also the wiring. After upgrading to thicker wiring (16 guage i think), and connecting the power supply directly to the battery with relays, my current 80/80 does put out more light than the stock bulb. The higher wattage ones didn't appear to do too much more, and i'd prefer not to waste juice on that.
    Apart from that, you can get H4's from any auto parts store, but be weary of the overpriced Piaa's that are all about marketing and short life from my experience. As an alternative you can get Hella brand bulbs (good quality) of MANY different wattages from Lordco for a descent price.

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