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    Sockeye ride

    Last Tuesday morning I had a last minute decision to go see that 'biblical' Sockeye Salmon run in Adams river.
    And there is no other way to go there but on 2 wheels.
    The loop was basically, straight up to Merritt via Hwy1 and Hwy5 for the first night.
    Kamloops via 5A, Adams River, Agate bay, Sun Peaks, Kamloops for the second night.
    Cache creek, Lillooet, Gold Bridge, Pemberton back to Vancouver.
    Weather was perfect up to Squamish and pretty cold for most parts.

    Marquart lake at sunset above Merritt.

    Sharing a dirt road with a typical ranch crowd.

    Wednesday morning. 20 Mins of bike thawing.

    A couple of nice barns in Nicola.

    Falls colours on the Douglas ranch road.

    Along 5A, I believe this is Trapp lake.

    Reflection in Shumway lake along Hwy 5A

    More Shumway reflection

    A single Sockeye in a quiet side creek in Adams river.

    If you want to beat the sun relecting on the water, you have to get wet it seems.

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    Part 2

    Dead fishs line the opposite shore.

    I can only imagine that 2-3 weeks prior, the entire river must have been completely red.

    If you can support the smell, then on the beach of shushwap lake you will come across some mounts of dead sockeye. I am told this is done for counting purpose.

    The best show is to watch those monsters navigate above a thin rock creek bed

    By the mill in Adams river a dirt road takes you North for about 20Km towards Barriere and along the shore of Adams lake.
    Totally doable by max burners on a sport bike IMO. Just have to watch for traffic.

    The dirt is mostly clean and compact all the way.

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    Part 3

    More fall colours entering agate bay.

    Cahilty Chapel/Church on another dirt section leading back to Sun Peaks.
    That road was awesome. Just pure fun on a Dual Sport trying to keep up to the locals.
    Unlike people in the lower mainland, out there guys drive pretty fast and barely touch their brakes.
    Pure bliss I tell you.

    Back in Kamloops for the night, just in time to catch the Sunset over donwtown and the Thompson river.

    The temperature had a hard time to go up due to a nice fog layer over the valley. Here approachinG Savona, it is still fairly hazy in the distance.

    Riding above the fog of the Thompson.

    Classic stop in Marble canyon.

    Above the Fraser and railway track near Pavillion.

    From Hwy99 one can overlook the Bridge river merging with the Fraser north of Lillooet.
    To the top the road to gold bridge.
    To the left, Lillooet.
    To the right on dirt the West Pavillion road, which I believe takes you to the Big Bar ferry/ranch.

    Approaching Lillooet, there was a few clouds on the way to the Duffey lake road. And since Schmii highside last week-end up there, I decided to go the 4 hours way around by Gold Bridge.
    Also I have done the Duffey about 5 times this year alone, so it was time for a change.

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    Part 4

    Looks like my favorite gas station got a gold medal in customer service.
    I don't know about you but, I never ever go to the Petro in town. Lightfoot gas staff is always so nice at any time of the year.

    Note that the first 5-8 kms out of lillooet towards gold bridge have been repaved too this year.
    Too bad that a bit of gravel gets dragged on the road in many corners. What I call the Tulameen road disease.
    Anyway by this point the road turns to dirt for the first time, and narrows down big time.

    Pretty good drop into the Bridge river.

    The roads follow the ridge of this river bed kinda mine.

    Then its back on pavement for a while and the best switchback section in the area.

    Pretty much a perfect pavement there.

    Riding the bottom hairpin near Moha.

    Back on dirt again near the dam and the Seton Portage turn-off.

    And the final paved section along Carpenter lake. by this point the traffic drops even more and you pretty much own the road.

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    Part 5

    Now this came as surprise. This perfect black top was not there last year.
    we are about 15km out of Gold Bridge. If 50 cars drive over this in one day, it is probably a big day.

    So why? Why would you pave and mark this section, when the rest is still really good pavement without lines.
    Maybe a Car commercial was filmed there. If somebody knows ...

    Time for a quick bite into a Cranberry bannock, from Lightfoot gas of course.

    The Hurley river just passed Gold Bridge, with Mt Truax in the distance.

    Nobody, and I Mean nobody I met, follow those guidelines posted at the base of the Hurley.

    10 minutes later, you are high enough to enjoy a bird's eye view of Downtown lake.

    A lone waterfall.

    Approaching the pass, and suddenly the weather is turning.

    Riding down the Hurley into the Pemberton valley.

    Framing Mt Mac Leod near the base of Hurley pass.

    The end.
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    Thanks for sharing, beautiful shots, my wife and enjoyed going through them!

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    Awesome photos
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    Great pics, looked like you had fantastic clear weather, if not cool at times.

    Thanks for sharing!
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    Beautiful pictures especially the reflections, Kamloops sunset, & Carpenter Lake.

    Gotta try (Lillooet-GB-PMBTN) next year sometime.

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    great photos. slug. you have a good eye, and enviable technique.
    and what nice country to ride thru, eh? especially in the autumn colours...
    thanks for the post.

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    Really well done. Thanks for posting up.
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    Great report.
    I really liked your pics.The Lillooet area is one of my favorite places in BC.The geology and semi desert climate makes the views so cool.

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    Nice work.
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    Beautiful photos!

    I wonder why my photos look far inferior from yours. What camera and lenses you use? Do you take photos with automatic setting or you use a lot of manual settings?
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