Dogs to be banned at Parksville's Beach
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Thread: Dogs to be banned at Parksville's Beach

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    Dogs to be banned at Parksville's Beach

    There is more info after the letter:

    Open letter to Parksville City Council:

    We are writing to you at the urging of "several" responsible dog owners in Parksville and surrounding area. The proposed banning of dogs from the Parksville Beach during the high volume tourist season is unreasonable for both locals and tourists. You may as well erect a sign directing tourists to take their dollars as well as their pets elsewhere.

    As Parksville's electorate we pay taxes and your remuneration and expect responsible government representing everyone including dog owners. As fairly new homeowners in Parksville we have found it to be a friendly and relaxed community. We enjoy, as do many others, easy beach access. Many times our dog enjoyed a cool-off swim in the evening. Restricted access to our public parks and beaches will not sit well with the voting public.

    Dog owners who value their pets do not let them off leash in public areas. There are far too many hazards in our Community Park for dogs and children. Human "leftovers" such as soiled diapers, broken glass, plastics, food products, and other nasty items pose a threat to both pets and children. Nature leaves behind rotting fish and other sea creatures, dead birds, barnacles and sharp rocks. Let's spend our energies in cleaning up our beaches first for everyone.

    Yes, dogs do go for a swim in our ocean. So do people. Who's cleaner? Shall we ban seals, otters, sea lions and fish from Parksville Bay? All these creatures defecate in our pristine waters. Let's leash the seagulls - ban the air ways. Can we not simply trust the antiseptic action of the salty high tide to help prepare the beach for another day?

    Come on people, wake up. It's guarantees, not always like we would want it but who lives in a perfect world? We do what we can to pick up garbage from our park, pick up after our dog and in general are responsible citizens. Why ban access to our park because of a small number of irresponsible dog owners?

    By proceeding with this proposal - one more unenforceable by-law - you will simply drive people away with their cash still in their pockets. Please look at the complete picture. See all the hazards we face at the beach and realize there are dangers that we humans cannot control.

    Bill & Holly McKinney
    Parksville, B.C.

    If you go to there is a poll regarding dog's on the beaches. Select no and then click submit. Although this doesnt concern us directly in Victoria or in Vancouver, how would you feel if you're dog, friends dog, or family's dog was not allowed on the beach or the dog area near Dallas Road or an area in Stanley Park. If the ban goes through, could Victoria or Vancouver be next. Support the fight to keep the beach open to our four legged friends.

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    Everyone forgets that the one key reason dogs were adopted by man was that we cannot get many diseases from them. You can count them on one hand.

    You are much more likely to get a disease from riding a city bus than from swiming in the same ocean as a dog.


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    this is sad.. all I can say.
    BCSB- Moderator

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    My dog doesn't even swim, but running on a beach is one of her favourite things in the world.

    And watching my dog run on the beach is one of the most relaxing activities for me.

    If I lived in Parksville I'd be pissed.

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