Gallardo Crash at 200 MPH
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Thread: Gallardo Crash at 200 MPH

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    Inbetween bikes now. Thanks for bringing up bad feelings.

    Gallardo Crash at 200 MPH

    Just wow. 'nuff said.
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    at a critical lean angle
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    looked like an accidental deployment of the drag chute ... ?

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    never pull the shoot at the time of let off gas and touch the brake...
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    The driver was very lucky to walk away from that one, damn.
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    haha I think its funny that nobody in the crowd even seems to care or notice! not like there was debris flying 80 feet in the air or anything...

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    It'll buff out...
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    Link to the full story:

    What really happened: Some of the posts going around the forums are the whole "chute got stuck under a wheel story..."

    I was there, near the 3/4 mile marker...saw the wreck happen right before my eyes...and happened to see slow motion video on a computer monitor (afterwards) and let me assure you, the chute did NOT get stuck under anything. From my point of view, the events unfolded as such:

    1. Car hits 237.xx
    2. Brake lights come on (foot on brake = light rear end as the weight moves to the front)
    3. As the brake lights come on, the chute is deployed (brakes already on, chute naturally transfers weight to the front and should be pulled under WOT only releasing the throttle once it's fully deployed)
    4. Cross wind takes the chute off the to side a little bit, coupled with the light rear end, the back end comes out to the left (direction of the crosswind)
    5. Car goes off track, is still on 4 wheels
    6. Dirt/grass burm gets in the way, car hits burm, tumbles begin...

    THANK GOD UGR did such a great job with the cage and other safety equipment (cage, seats, harness, fire suppression, etc...)
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    I'm going to type this slowly so that you folk can follow along.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CHIA View Post
    The driver was very lucky to walk away from that one, damn.
    +1 Yup damn lucky indeed. Sweet looking Lambo though, well b4 the crash that is.

    Not all azz kickers in the flying mile are mega dollar massive twin turbo V12s

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