Alpinestars Boots Sizing Help!!
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Thread: Alpinestars Boots Sizing Help!!

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    Alpinestars Boots Sizing Help!!


    I'm in the market of looking for a new pair of boots. I'm trying to get a deal for a pair of Alpinestars Supertech R. Can anyone who owns A* tell me more about their sizing?

    I normally wear US 8 and EURO 41. I did some research and it seems the Supertech R is indeed 1 size larger 41-> 42.

    Are all the A* boots 1 size bigger than its true size? Can I get 42 and then put an insole? I can almost get an smoking deal for it but probably the size won't be 100% fit.

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    I've got a pair of SMX5's and Techs. My shoe size is 8 and both pairs of boots are 8 and they fit fine. Both say Euro 42 and US 8 so I'm thinking their Euro sizing is off a bit. I thought 42 was an 8 1/2 and 41 was an 8.

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    i wear adidas running shoes that are 9s and my a* are us 9s as well.

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