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    Need advice!

    Daughter going to Prince George on Thursday.
    Needs to bring back a king size bed, some containers of personals (plastic).
    Do you know a trucking company that might take these items on board for a small fee and bring them to Vancouver?
    Budget wants 750 + for a truck for a one way trip.
    Do any of you own or operate a trucking company from Prince George to Vancouver?
    Thanks very much.
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    U-Haul rents enclosed trailers for 19.95 + insurance + taxes per day. You just need a vehicle with a towing hookup....if not renting a pickup truck for that too? U-Haul rents cube vans too. I know the trailer you can rent 1 way.

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    if you are driving up and have a tow hitch rent a uhaul trailer. if you take it and bring it back it's considered an intown move. I had mine for 5 days. cost 170buxs.
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    The problem may be that you are trying to rent one up there, and bring it back, only one way....big cost.

    Ideally, you'd just rent one locally, drive it up, fill it up, drive it back.

    That's the cheapest way to do it.
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    Forget Uhaul, rent a Van, save the wear and tear on your vehicle, its less than 50 a day with unlimited mileage...
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    For something that needs to stay dry and clean you should either rent a van or enclosed trailer. either can be rented one way. If you call Budget or U haul they can have a trailer brought up if they dont have one on the lot.

    You do not have to rent anything for a round trip. I have done this a few times.

    Now is a good time since it is not month end. Look in flyers or that entertainment book for a discount coupon for mid month specials.
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