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    Perfect timing as we debate our last drink driving laws/enforcement.

    Developed in Russia, which has a small problem with road death.
    26,000 dead on the road in 2009

    The Alcolaser measures the vapours of alcohol inside a moving car, up to 120 km/h.
    On a European national news I just watched they mentionned that the system of course does not identify who in the car is drunk. So you still need to do a traditional roadcheck/test.
    Then it appears that the system has been defeated by some windows washer fluid.

    From the developer site :
    The main application of the Alcolaser is instant testing of motorists for the purpose of maintaining road safety by road police and other authorized agencies.

    The device is based upon a special laser, capable of determining the concentration of alcohol vapor as low as 1ppt inside the passenger compartment of a moving vehicle. This concentration is achieved when a person inside the vehicle has consumed 1L of beer or 100g of vodka or whisky.

    This is stand-off testing that can be executed in real time, without the need for stopping cars and examining the driver’s person. It is unnoticeable to the drivers and does not result in additional stress. The sensor uses a laser that is safe for the eyes.

    The Alcolaser is capable of distinguishing alcohol vapor inside the car passenger compartment from other ethanol containing substances, such as window cleaner. The maximum analysis time is less than 0.5 seconds.

    The system may be deployed in two modifications: mobile and stationary. The mobile variant resembles a pistol, weighs 1.5kg and has the range of 20m. The stationary Alcolaser is installed above the road. In this case, the remote analysis is completely automated and can be accompanied by photographing the license plates of suspicious vehicles and passing that information to the nearest police station.

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    Well, too bad it ain't gonna work with bikes! (no kids, don't drink and ride).


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