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    atlas' grey bikes

    i've been looking at some 400 (for cheap insurance), and i have seen that there's a few available at atlas. but i'm not sure about the serviceability of these greybikes. i've heard that there's a lot of down time due to locating parts from japan. can anyone give me some advice on this matter. thanx

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    Skip the old stuff. Spend a few bucks extra on insurance and get a newer 600. You'll be alot happier and won't be blowing the few bucks you "saved" on insurance in repair costs for some exotic JDM crap made out of unobtainium.


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    There's some nice bikes for sale right now for good deals in the buy and sell and on here. My g/f has a 'grey' bike from atlas and it is a mechanical nightmare. Insurance is dirt cheap. My advise is to go for something more mainstream for a first bike. Most of the atlas bikes might be pretty on the outside but with the age (min 15 years), they run a good chance of being heaps of shit on the inside. If you do get one, look for a model that has a lot of interchangeable parts with models sold here.

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    Hi Alex:

    I had a VFR400 from Atlas but sold it a few months ago. The bike had a few problems that had to be fixed. The petcock needed replacement but Atlas had it in stock so they didn't have to search for one from Japan. The other problem was a bolt sheared off in the engine and had to be replaced. Neither of them took more than 2 - 3 days in the shop but cost me a pretty penny to get it running right again.

    When I sold my bike, I was pretty ignorant (and still am?!?). But a few members here said they are pretty sketchy and complained I asked too much (I sold it at a pretty big loss). Personally, I wouldn't buy another bike there again. What you save in insurance, you'll just spend on repairs. Remember, these things are all at least 15 years old.

    Hope this helps.

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    Do a search on Atlas. There have been a few threads lately about that outfit and why you should stay away.

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    It is what it is!!

    Grey market is just that, motorcycles that were never available in North America, the dealers will not have a clue about the motorcycle, and they do not want to.

    But... I did purchase one, and it was just great, cheap insurance ( major motivator), just a hoot to drive, and a whole lot of fun for a 15year old motorcycle, but go in with eyes wide open!!

    they are 15years old, assume that it was driven hard and put away wet

    parts will be hard to get if needed

    be prepared to do all your own work

    if you don't know what a under bucket shim is? you most likely should not buy "greymarket"

    all that being said, i had a very good time with my "grey market - GSXR400RSH

    But, it is what it is

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