Know of a good Exporter in Japan?
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Thread: Know of a good Exporter in Japan?

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    Know of a good Exporter in Japan?

    Anyone here ever bring a bike from Japan?
    Can you tell me about your deal....
    Exporter in Japan?
    From auction or stock?
    Ro/Ro or crated and shipped?
    Was what you got what you expected?
    Would you do it again?
    What would you do differently?

    Feedback is totally appreciated, been researching and talking to guys over there for about a month and have been getting different versions of the same story.....who do I think is telling the truth over there....

    Anyway, dont want to get burned...thanks for the help!!

    ring a ding ding ding mmmm I smell a 2stroke

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    I bought a bike brand new bike from TSR in Suzuka about 3 years ago.

    I arranged shipping thru Panalpina via sea freight, and had it delivered to me at work.

    Since it was a brand new bike, it was already in a crate and boxed up ready to go.

    I would do it again, but only through a reputable shop. Like a TSR, Harc-Pro, Battle Factory, etc.
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