What a blast! Currently im sitting at the squish Starbucks having a little break. It's a gorgeus day out, nice and sunny! Temperature is hovering around the freezing mark right now. The road conditions are moderately dry but white from all the salt! First thing I'll do when I get home is wash my bike! Yuk! Winds are gusty, partly really gusty like 100km/h or so.
The reason I'm up here in the first place was to really give my new gear I got this season a real workout. Olympia motosports has really done an excellent job on this and I'm not wearing the most inner liner yet. I am however sporting heated jacket and a pair of longjohns under my gear. Nice and comfortable all around. Toes and fingertips are a smidgeon cold tho.
To anyone going for touring rides I really have to recommend the beauty of a Sargent heated seat! No need for heated pant liners or anything. And of course the heated grips help too! I
Still contemplating the idea of buying some heated glove liners this year, does anyone on this board have any experience with the gerbings kind?

Pictures still to follow, as the scenery today is absolutely spectacular. The mountains are covered in a thick white blanket of snow and the regular little waterfalls along the side of the hwy are frozen solid making it hard to concentrate at keeping the bike upright thru the bone-chilling blasts of air coming at you from the white capped ocean front view.

Also I only saw one other motorcyclist so far today! Where is everybody? Not in your cages I hope!