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Thread: RaceChrono - free and very cool

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    RaceChrono - free and very cool

    Couldnt' find a thread on this, found on the gopro forums.

    Free, just need a s60 or winmobile 6 phone

    For those of you who do trackdays, there is a free GPS based software called RaceCrono that you can use for lap timing and other data logging:

    Afterwards you can export all kinds of data to an AVI file and combine it with your GoPro video by using the RaceChrono2AVI software:

    From the FAQ:

    RaceChrono works on phones with Symbian S60 2nd edition feature pack 1 and above, any S60 3rd edition or 5th edition. Also Windows Mobile 5 and 6 are supported, non-touchscreen and touchscreen devices.

    Accuracy of the lap times is fully dependent on quality of your GPS signal. If GPS signal is weak, RaceChrono can be inaccurate and will probably even miss your traps (will not record a lap time). GPS signal quality is affected by your GPS receiver quality and its placement. Lap timing with a normal 1 Hz GPS and RaceChrono achieves +-0.25 seconds accuracy or better, and with 5 Hz GPS the accuracy will be better than +-0.15 seconds.
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    Pretty cool. Buddy was working on something like that for his iPhone to use at track days. Would be awesome if this app was open source.
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    There is a free iphone app called SensorLog, which can log accelerometer and gps information from the iphone.

    I just havent found a simple way to embed images on to video.
    The only way i managed to do it is using ffmpeg and extracting the video to png and then putting the png back into video but its not very efficient.

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    I use Dynolicious for checking out performance of the Pacer. $12.99 and Im happy with it.
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