Geocaching to replace tag game?
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Thread: Geocaching to replace tag game?

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    Geocaching to replace tag game?

    So at work a coworker told me about this thing called geocaching and it's supposedly been around for awhile. Basic idea is people leave something hidden for others to find. Inside is a log book where people can write their name+date they found it. Pretty interesting idea cause you don't need to just leave a log you can also leave items inside to "mark" that you were there. ie magnets, trinkets etc.

    All you need is a GPS able device, most smart phones should be able to do this now, added with a data plan (to make it easier to pinpoint) and you can go out and find these caches. Figured this might be fun to play in the future once spring hits. So you post up saying which geocache you are going to find and see how many others get to it. The site can log caches you find, pretty much based on honor system. But there's really no point faking you found the cache it's all in good fun
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    I figured I would check this out a couple years back. It was fun for a short time. I suggest you find a friend who is into this in your area and go out caching. until I started to understand what I was looking for I had no luck finding anything. The "cache" can be anywhere, and are usually hidden well and small. It can be very frustrating to drive for an hour only to find nothing. Check this out, Good family fun too.

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    yeah, I inquired about this several years ago too, and I even proposed this on BCSB and you douches all when pfffft.... meh...

    So fuck you all.....

    I'm not playing...

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    Neither am I.
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    Ha, on this site? i give it a day before someone geocaches a shiny wet turd.

    enjoy that precious find.

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    Nice visual.
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    Ive been into geocaching for a few years.

    Its interesting, my kid enjoys doing it with me.
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