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Just wondering what your thoughts are on the recent CRTC ruling regarding usage based plans. The decision just granted Canadian ISPs the option of structuring all their plans based on data usage rather than rely on a tier system. We all know that today you can select Shaw "standard" high speed, or you can opt for the higher performing "Nitro" or what have you -- each tier having it's relative performance numbers & pricing.

The new ruling will allow Shaw & other ISPs to set your charges based on your personal usage above a "flat rate". For example, we will pay a set monthly fee for online access, then get billed for anything over & above a set amount of data usage. The CRTC saw fit to allow the ISPs to try & figure out how much a GB of data is worth & structure their plans as they please.

Our bandwidth usage is collective, meaning that it is both download & upload data that is measured. If I look at the stats for a recent Linux distribution download in utorrent, I see that my 1941 MB ISO download also "cost" me an additional 840 MB of upload usage, bringing the total usage close to 3 GB -- and this is with setting utorrent to quit after the download was complete (yeah yeah, I hear ya...).

Using a 20 GB base plan, for example, this single download would consume one sixth of your monthly "base plan"...