a great Original Xbox starter system & game package!


Original Xbox gaming system

Xbox Advanced AV pack

Hip Gear adapter

Original Xbox wired headset

Original Xbox DVD remote w/sensor (buttons slightly chewed!)

8 Mb memory card

3 Original Xbox controllers (2 perfect, 1 slightly chewed!)

24 Original Xbox games:

Ghost Recon (G.O.Y Edition)

Ghost Recon Island Thunder


Brute Force

HALO (the game that started it all!!!!)

Splinter Cell

Counter Strike

Crimsom Skies

Greg Hastings Tournament Paintball Max'd

Unreal Championship


Need for Speed Carbon


Without Warning

Rainbow Six 3

Doom 3

Half-Life 2

The Suffering: Ties that Bind

The Hobbit

True Crime NYC

Mech Assault

Turok Evolution

Lord of the Rings

Pinball Hall of Fame

my Xbox has been used for years with care & without any issues, barring the exception of some minor chewing damage (mentioned above) from a pesky ferret!

this package will start you gaming for a decent price. it would make a GREAT Christmas gift & is sure to please any child/family.