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    Tracking Number Rant

    I ordered a laptop online and got the great e-mail last weekend that it was being shipped and included the tracking number.

    I thought tracking numbers were suppose to be a good thing and reduce stress but I've been checking it every day waiting for my laptop. Until Wednesday all it said was In Transit in US.

    Well that was stupid. Wednesday evening it said it was picked up and in Vancouver. I've since been tracking it across the province. It's travelled all over the Greater Vancouver area and hasn't seen my doorstep yet.

    It's frustrating watching my laptop go to all these useless places instead of into my house. Stupid Purolator, just deliver the dumb thing. The address is on the box and I know it's on Google maps so just drop the freaking thing off already.
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    So I guess you gotta ask yourself were the savings of buying online worth this frustration, Vs. walking out of a store with it in your hands?
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    A lot of the time the tracking numbers you see online are "estimates" and not real time.

    Your only recourse is to know a supervisor inside the courier company who can get a real time scanning history.

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    Why would you order a laptop online?
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