Burning Man 2011
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    Burning Man 2011

    Anyone been? Anyone going? Info/experiences appreciated.
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    I have been intrested in attending for many years. Work and other issues have stopped me. Looks like an awesome event well worth attending. Maybe some day.....
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    I have not been , but read enough that I feel like I was there, minus the hot desert temps and dirt everywhere....haha

    Couple good reads:


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    was there in 2001.

    A truly amazing experience - a MUST DO at least once in a lifetime, if you have any adventurous or 'out of the box' spirit in you (what motorcyclist doesn't).

    Only thing is ... do NOT take your own vehicle onto the dry lake bed there (Black Rock desert is a very, very fine alkaline dust that destroys every and anything mechanical). Rent a motorhome somewhere and take that in, as you can use it as your home for the week.

    Awesome, awesome, awesome experience!!!

    Oh - there are, I had been told but never witnessed anything, a fair bit of illicit stimulants floating around in there (shocking!).

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    2001 was old times
    it gets bigger and kinda plastic now but still worth while going
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    Don't you have to trade stuff. no money allowed. Pretty sure I can pimp out zamaris

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    Bring a bicycle......huge area. Cost is like $300.

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