Edwards says Uccio is Rossi's Bitch
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Thread: Edwards says Uccio is Rossi's Bitch

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    Edwards says Uccio is Rossi's Bitch

    Q: His relationship with Uccio. Do you ever want to ask him to maybe slide back on that scooter seat a little bit?
    A: No, that's just been there forever. Obviously we've spent lots of time, you know, with the couple Eight-Hours we did, eating restaurants, doing all that sh*t. Uccio's just, you know what I would call it, Uccio's his b*tch. He just kind of does, makes everything easier, cleans, just makes Valentino's life a little bit easier. Now, I say he's his b*tch. If they read that, they're going to translate that a lot differently. He's kind of his ...

    Q: Manservant?
    A: Well, if I say I have a right-hand man, you could also say he's my b*tch. That's how we would translate it in Texas.

    Gotta love Colin Edwards.

    Full interview here
    R.I.P #48 Shoya Tomizawa (December 10, 1990 – September 5, 2010)
    R.I.P. #58 Marco Simoncelli (January 20, 1987 – October 23, 2011)

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    not downtown
    what a job though.

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