Wanted : Katana or VFR or CB750 nighthawk
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Thread: Wanted : Katana or VFR or CB750 nighthawk

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    Wanted : Katana or VFR or CB750 nighthawk

    Looking for either of these..90+ VFR 750........or
    Katana 750 or
    Honda CB750 Nighthawk( 91+)
    Or Katana 600 but only if its an exceptionally good deal.
    Requirements : 40 or less thousand KM. good overall shape. no MAJOR dammage from being dropped dozens of times. faering scrapes and cracks dont really bother me though. my main thing is mechanically must be in good shape. tires/brakes/chain is expendable wear and tear items and dont bother me if price is right. . .$$ i am willing to pay depends on the shape/bike.

    Would also like to find a dirt cheap street legal 250-650 enduro.

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    ...Bump. cmon i know somebody has to have one of those ? IF you have a Katana 600 i'd preffer either a 90-91 or a 98+ model

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