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    Many Thanks to Bikeland

    Just a thank you note to Bikeland for the free tickets to the Seattle bike show.
    Had there been no tickets available, based on last yrs show, I may not have gone. As for this years show, again thanks to Bikeland, as I would have actually complained to the organizers. If a motorcycle trade & product show is any indication of the status of a country, the U.S.A. is totally buggered now. Even the vendors are embarassed, and actually one guy, Rich's seats, says that Seattle is now just a warmup for Abbotsford.
    I did get word that the chain Cycle Gear, which has been shutting down stores like crazy, is planning on opening up a shop close to the Cdn border with Vancouver, and even planning to open up stores in Canada & Australia, seeing that the U.S. 'leasure goods' market has no future, no money, and is dead. Very much an eye opener!!
    Only new stuff, really, was the Ducati Diavel [uglier in person, universally agreed upon by everyone who looked at it] and the Yamaha Super Tenere [a big crowd around the two models there].


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    crazy! glad you made it and the tickets went to good use! ... I only just got back from LA so I'm not even sure if I can get to seattle.. LA is dead... malls dead, strip malls boarded up... yikes!

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    Quote Originally Posted by fish_antlers View Post
    ..LA is dead... malls dead, strip malls boarded up... yikes!
    Orlando area was similar. Lots of malls closed down, or barely any tenants. Large developments halted, new streets that go nowhere. I guess you need to see the evidence of depression yourself before you really believe it.
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    Another thank you to Fish as well for tickets!

    I have to agree, it was a little disheartening to see the lackluster turnout. Very few shops and dealer representation.
    Despite that, I still enjoyed it, found some deals, and got to wonder at some of the newest creations... the Duc Diavel is just as barf in person as it is in photos.
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    +1 Thanks for the ticket Fish, and I agree it is getting quieter each year.

    But my wife and I use it as an excuse to get out of town for the weekend, have a nice dinner in Seattle, use airmiles to book a hotel, hit up the outlet malls on the way back, etc.

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    Yep, Thanks for the ticket Fish! Used it yesterday, and I actually came away with a lot of good stuff from the show, but it was all racing related. The show is getting even smaller, which is sad. At least Jason Britton's stunt show was good.
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    I Never got my ticket.
    Must have gotten lost in the mail.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shovelhead View Post
    I Never got my ticket.
    Must have gotten lost in the mail.
    Yaaaaa, that's the ticket

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    Thank you for the tickets Fish. Much appreciated.

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