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Thread: Race Transport

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    Race Transport

    In 2009 I did a the new racer course and went to a few rounds a Mission. I had a good time and learned a lot. Last year I got married. $$$. This coming year I'm going to be out of the country, but look out 2012!!

    One of the problems I had in 2009 was that I was borrowing a pickup truck to bring my bike to the track. I'm not sure I'll be able to do that again in 2012 so I'm wondering what the best race bike transport rig is. I don't need a truck for work, so the vehicle I get will be used almost exclusively for moving the bike.

    I feel my options are:

    A cargo van:
    -Bike goes in the back
    -probably cheaper on gas than a truck/trailer combo
    -slightly more secure than a pickup
    -cheaper to buy than a truck/trailer

    A pickup:
    -bike goes in the back
    -probably cheaper on gas than a truck/trailer combo

    A trailer and something to pull it:
    -Most expensive to buy
    -Most expensive to fuel
    -Not too secure
    -Potentially loads of room

    I'll probably budget something like $4000 for a workable setup. What are others thoughts? What have you used? Pros? Cons?

    You know what? This needs a poll!

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    I bought a 91 Nissan Hardbody truck for $300 on Craigslist. 2.4L 5 speed, 400k km, no rust, fairly clean. It's not the prettiest rig out there, but I hauled a Triumph Thruxton from Vancouver to Surrey with it, and barely noticed the bike in it at all. It's got a very low loading height, which is nice for bikes as well. After the $300 purchase, I fixed a few issues with it, brakes, heater fan, timing chain, and changed all the fluids. Total investment about $1100. There are many many many cheap Nissan trucks on CL. Personally, I'd look for a Kingcab model, rather than the reg cab that I bought.

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    get a van , just make sure u have anti theft device

    can fit 2 bikes in it , load it up the night before and ur good to go

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    I guess it depends on how much stuff you are going to haul. If you "need" to bring everything including the kitchen sink then you need a truck/trailer.

    The other end of the scale is to tow a small lightweight open trailer behind the car you have now, (assuming you have one?)

    Your car will be more reliable than a cheap beater truck, the car already has insurance, you already have a place to park it.. etc.

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    Get yourself a good extended cab truck.
    It will be a great versatile vehicle for all your needs.
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    I'm a big fan of the diesel cargo van with the built in ramp.

    I prefer the Grumman Curbmaster even more but they can be a pita on any longer highway trips.

    Either way, tons of room for bikes and tools, room fir a cot.

    Mmmmmm, vans.
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    I have a class 2 2'' hitch 500lbs steel motorcycle carrier that works great for transporting bikes around easily. I pop it in the hitch on the back of my SUV and is a solid setup, and stores away easily in the garage on the side when not in use.


    Keep in mind there are aluminum ones with only about 300-400lbs capacity meant for dirtbikes, if you decide to go for one go full steel that has the 500lbs capacity for sportbikes.

    Also, Uhaul rents motorcycle trailers for 25 bucks for 24 hours.

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    Re: Pickup. Loading and unloading can be a pain/risky/dangerous, when single handed.
    Large van Dry, secure, private, can sleep in relative comfort, cost effective, versatile, minimal depreciation if you buy wisely.
    Sponsored, motorhome/semi trailer, paid mechanics, brolly dolly, purr-fect. But now you have to deliver!
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    Consider that the interior of a van will be smelling of gasoline if you park a bike and/or extra gas in a jerry can in it. That gave me a headache every time.
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    I use trucks all the time. But I also have a camper van converted to a toy hauler . It's the best weekend set up. Can sleep in it, cook, clean up, MAde a lift ramp that doubles as a deck or work space. Heated at night.

    Who gives a rats ass about MPG when your going road racing it's the least of your expenses to worry about. Plus the van everything is out of sight , tons of room. If it's raining its a nice dry place...

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    I started with a van. Race fuel smells bad in there.

    Once I got a trailer I can sleep in the van. Preferably not down by a river.

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    We went with enclosed trailer and truck route. The only problems are having a place to keep the trailer and having a proper truck to tow it all.. Eventually we hope to go to a full size pickup so we can haul the trailer and another bike to the track. on Race weekends we camp at the track in the trailer, which is quite handy.
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    get any vehicle with a class 3 hitch. You can rent Uhaul bike trailers for $20 per weekend. $4000 will take you racing MANY MANY Weekends of hauling, provided you just use that $4000 for renting trailers.
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    can't have race fuel in a van it's mind crushing. I made a gas can rack on the back of my van

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    Agreed with the gas inside the vehicle comments - not good...

    I traded my SUV for a Ram 1500 Mega Cab a couple months ago so I don't have to pay for the extra ferry costs and deal with storing the trailer and insuring it as well. I seem to go alone these days but a 4-door truck offers plenty of room for 2 bikes and 2 riders gear/tools/pit equipment.
    I sleep in the back of the truck on an air mattress - if it's raining, just pull the E-Z-Up over the back of the truck and I'm sheltered for the night!

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